Juan Rocamonde

Juan Rocamonde

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Researcher, NYU (Courant, CILVR Lab)



A. Gleave et al. (2022): “imitation: Clean Imitation Learning Implementations”. arXiv.
J. Rocamonde et al. (2022): “Picking the low-hanging fruit: testing new physics at scale with active learning”. SciPost Physics.


Research Intern, AstraZeneca, Cambridge, UK, Jul 2022 — Aug 2022.
Part III Mathematics, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, Sep 2021 — Jul 2022.
Research Collaborator, CERN, London, UK, Sep 2020 — Jun 2022.
Research Fellow, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Jun 2021 — Dec 2021.
BSc Theoretical Physics, University College London, London, UK, Sep 2018 — Jul 2021.
Software Engineer, Stint, London, UK, Jan 2019 — Apr 2020.
Manuel Peleteiro College, Santiago, Spain, Jun 2018.


My email is [email protected]. If you’re excited about anything that I’m working on or thinking about, I’d love to hear from you.

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